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John Wesley Powell Center for Analysis and Synthesis

Powell Center Working Group Project Information
A global synthesis of land-surface fluxes under natural and human-altered watersheds using the Budyko framework

Principal Investigator(s):
Sankarasubramanian Arumugam (North Carolina State University)
Dingbao Wang (University of Central Florida)
Stacey A Archfield (Branch of Regional Research, Eastern Region)
Meredith M Reitz (Branch of Regional Research, Eastern Region)

Award Date: 2018 
Title: Climate elasticity of streamflow for virgin basins over the continental USTitle: Photo or participants at May 2018 mtg

Global hydroclimatic conditions have been significantly altered, over the past century, by anthropogenic influences that arise from warming global climate and also from local/regional anthropogenic disturbances. There has been never been an effort that has systematically analyzed how the spatio-temporal variability of land-surface fluxes vary in natural and human-altered watersheds globally. This synthesis study will adapt and extend the classical Budyko framework to quantify the role of drivers - changing climate and local human disturbances - in altering flow regimes and in creating urban heat island episodes over the globe. An allied goal is to develop parsimonious hydroclimatic models that explain the spatio-temporal variability in land-surface fluxes in virgin and human altered watersheds globally. The synthesis workshop will develop a global data set encompassing observed and modeled hydroclimatic fluxes along with changes in land use, flow alteration and storage attributes in various watersheds/regions.

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